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Lucky 7 Ranch Rodeo Team

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Name: Lucky 7 Ranch Rodeo Team

Description: 2008 Lucky 7 Ranch Rodeo Team Our 2008 summer season is slowly comming to an end, with the cooler evenings and the shorter days Fall is definatley here. You can ask any Ranch Rodeo team and they will tell you it is a lot easier to enjoy getting dirty and working hard when it isn't so very hot, but with the cooler temperatures comes more fustrations with livelier livestock. Our boys did very well this year and we had lots of family fun too! Our "Lucky 7" team consists of David Aldrich, Jared Walker, Will Wilson, Delbert Helton and Riley Ogden. From wrestling rangey cattle to sort off waspy steers- these boys have seen and done it all this year. Thanks to the our heavenly Father, no one was seriously injured this year and we are praying for a safe 2009 season already! Most of the Ranch Rodeos we attended had Cattle Sorting, Pasture Team Roping, Branding, Trailer Loading and Steer Mugging ( we prefer to attend the Ranch Rodeos where the events are all cattle based). Please enjoy some of the pics we have that shocase our boys and our families in action. May God bless you as much as He has all of us. Have a wonderful Day and God Bless, The Aldrich Family and "Lucky 7 Ranch Rodeo Family"