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Letters Of Reference- Thank You!

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Name: Letters Of Reference- Thank You!

Description: Hi Jacklyn and family,
Fred and I would like to thank you for such a wonderful little girl! She is doing fantastic. I filled out all her papers that you were so kind to send. Fred and I both agree that we have never dealt with anyone as thorough as you were in this process. What a blessing you were after such a loss in Scarlet. We just took it pretty easy today. Luna is getting very comfortable in her new home. You can see by her pictures that she is very up, then starting to relax, and the last picture she is veryyyyyy relaxed! I am planning to take her to the beach tomorrow to introduce her to the great Pacific Ocean! We will have more pictures of her playing in the sand. I cannot thank you enough.
Fred and Debbie

This message is in reference to: \"Annie\"

Jacklyn and David,Bet you though we dropped off the face of the earth. Sorry it's just been CRAZY around our home. We moved, got my father through cancer, ran a plumbing company, and chased three kids. We bought your \"Annie,\" our Sadie and we just wanted to let you know just how wonderful she is. We love her like a family member. She still goes to work with me every day, has never had an accident in the house since breaking and is a delight. She fetches balls anyone throws, follows many commands and has never been to obedience school. It just wasn\'t needed. She is very protective of the entire family. Just a few days ago two men came to the house to install in internet and she got in between me and them and never growled, but let them know she did not like them there. I loved it, and the men really respected her. Thank you guys for breeding such high quality animals. I will try to get some pictures to you as soon as possible.
Thanks Again,
Deanie Heckart and Family
Name: Deanie Heckart
Phone Number: 417-776-2328
Hi Jacklyn,

George and I wanted to send you some updated pictures of our little boy Scout (who isn't so little anymore). He is growing so fast! He has been the best puppy ever, we always get comments about how well behaved he is and how beautiful he is. Everyone loves him. We couldn't have asked for a better dog.

He has outgrown his old crate so we got him a bigger one to grow into, he doesn't seem to like all the space so we put a pillow in the back and
now he seems cozy. We walk him so much during the day and run around with him at parks, oh and he absolutely LOVES the snow. We have had so many great snow storms and we always take him out to play in it. He has so much fun trying to catch falling snow flakes, and just running around, burying his nose in snow. His personality has gotten stronger and stronger, he has quite a stubborn side but he is still an angel. We are currently looking for a new apartment with a yard so we can take him right outside and run around with him at home as well as at the park. Our Christmas Tree had an accident with him, but it was only once. He was excited and tugged on branches and brought the whole thing down haha. Surprisingly enough, only one ornament broke :)

We just wanted to give you an update, let you know he is doing well and to say thank you for such a great companion. Sorry it took so long for us to write, everything has been hectic around here with the holidays. We hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday and have a happy New Year!!!

Best Wishes,
Maeghan, George, and Scout
Happy Holidays Jacklyn!

I had meant to email you for some time now to let you know how great Flikka is doing, especially after all the time you patiently spent with me on her behalf;)

She is extremely bright . . . something everyone who meets her comments on. It's like having a little person around! Her and Mateo are never far apart and their relationship is awesome (I think she has established her female power & can relax finally;)

We feel so very fortunate at having gone ahead and brought Flikka into our lives for Mateo's sake. We are ALL happier! At just over 6 months, she weighs in a 45 pounds so we're expecting a "big bone gal". I went on your web site to check out Jack' O's pictures again and she looks exactly like him . . . freckles and all!

Thank-you again and again and we wish you & yours a wonderful 2008! You are in our thoughts often as we enjoy our little girl.

Lucy Spangler-Gore